Gaming Services

Casual Games Localization
MoGi Group specializes in providing your casual game with the translation that best suits the needs of both you and the players.
Computer Game Localization
Computer game localization is often set apart from other localization practices due to specific intricacies in the process. MoGi Group provides an accurate localization service that complements the computer game development process, allowing you to fulfill your vision.
Game Community Management
In an age where internet socialization is becoming more and more popular, the need for an effective communication strategy connecting you as game publishers and developers to your online community is becoming increasingly important.
MMO Localizations
Ever since Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games became available for game consoles, their popularity, variety and expansion possibilities seem limitless. MoGi Group can assist you with the localization of your MMO game in order to connect to audiences worldwide.
Mobile Games Localization
The difference between mobile games and games for most other platforms is an important one and one that has a significant impact on game localization.
Online Gaming Localization
The online gambling and gaming industry is one of the fastest growing online services. Every day, more gamers from all over the world join this fascinating community. That is why, now more than ever, it's of crucial importance to provide translation and localization services for the online gambling and gaming industry.
Video Game Age Ratings
We can advise you on ratings for all platforms, from console games age ratings through to online and mobile games age ratings.
Video Game Customer Support
Use Experienced Voices to Provide Multilingual Support for Your Online Game Communities
Video Game Testing
MoGi Group offers a range of comprehensive testing services – our most popular testing services are outlined below for your convenience. Few things in gaming are as important as the image of your game and your company.
Video Game Voice-Over Services
A professional voice-over is an essential part of every good game. MoGi Group knows exactly how to find the best suited and lively sounding voices for your game and record a high-quality voice-over.
Video Games Localization
Video game localization is often set apart from other localization practices due to specific intricacies in the process. MoGi Group provides accurate, cost-effective solutions to your game localization needs.

Translation Services

Automotive Translation
For one of the biggest industries in the world translation is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. Taking into account the legal obligations and sales requirements, acquiring professional and trust-worthy translation partners is...
Medical Device Translation
Today medical device translation is becoming less about choice, and more about necessity. Health care markets around the world have implemented extensive translation requirements for the translation of device safety documents...
Software Translation & Localization
As a matter of convenience and productivity, users of computer software expect software to be in their language. All GUI messages should appear in their native language and users should be able to input dates, numbers and other data in their language formats...
Translation for Technical Documentation
Communicating your technical documents is a crucial part of conducting international business. Undoubtedly, you’ve invested time and money into assimilating and conveying your technical material in a concise and effective manner...
Website Testing
At MoGi Group, we provide high quality website translations crafted by native speakers. When it comes to website testing, a rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) process ensures that our skilled team will meet your individual requirements and business needs....
Website Translation
While early adoption of the Internet assumed English as a sufficient language, today over 70% of internet users are non-English speakers. Without multilingual communication tools, reaching these users presents a challenge for countless businesses an...

‘Their localization services have been instrumental in expanding our brand to other markets and they also handle all aspects of customer service & community management, dealing with a lot of daily traffic across our channels and helping us to understand and engage with our end users.

They have also been a passionate driving force behind a large number of popular changes and improvements within the game.

We would not have achieved the success we currently enjoy were it not for their involvement. 

I greatly look forward to working with MoGi for many years to come.’

Takeshi "Hari" Minagawa , Konami

‘I can’t thank the MoGi team enough.

Looking forward to working with them again.’

Jeff Edwards , Telltale Games

‘Thank you for the massive effort and high quality!

We love MoGi! Seriously!’

Anne Krueger , Wooga
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