A Day in the Life of… a MoGi Customer Support Agent

In this fresh instalment of our ‘Day in the Life’ series, we are going to examine what it means to be a Customer Support Agent at MoGi Group. With over 30 languages supported, Mogi Group works to ensure that all multinational and multilingual customer support needs are met in-house. We work with our clients such as Epic Games, NCSoft, Konami, Capcom and Deep Silver to ensure that their gamers’ faces are happy and their thumbs are twiddling!


Beginning a new day

Rise and shine! The first step in a typical day in the CS department consists of catching up on all new communication received overnight. This usually means checking email for new daily reports, and following up with colleagues on Skype. As the CS department is located over 4 different offices (Dublin, Brussels, Athens and Munich), it is important to touch base with each other, and share information.

This is usually followed by a stand-up meeting, where the team leader will discuss the expectations and needs to be covered over the course of the day. Sometimes specific tasks and assignments will be designated, and in other cases, each team member will be working towards the same goal.

Answering customers requires you to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. What do they see? What are their expectations? What would be their ideal solution to a specific issue? It is because of this that our Customer Support Agents gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the games they support. This allows us to deliver the highest standard of support, as it means that we can empathize with players, and exceed their support expectations.

A typical work day will progress like this, with daily reports detailing common customer issues and any changes to known issues being written towards the end of the day.


What tools do we use?

Here at MoGi Group, we are knowledgeable and flexible across a number of different tools for customer support. These largely depend on our clients’ preferences, as some clients prefer one tool over another. Commonly, we use Zendesk and Desk to offer support to players.

These tools allow us to receive, compile and respond to customer queries. We also are able to leave notes about particular actions we take, so that any previous contact with a given client is easily found and understood. This makes supporting clients that much smoother, as we then don’t need to ask players the same questions repeatedly in order to establish what their issue is.


Highlights and challenges of costumer support

You might have heard that no two customers are the same, and any Customer Support Agent will you just how true this is.  Video game players cover the whole spectrum of society, from toddlers to pensioners and everything in between. What this means for customer support is that you often need to adapt your approach and tone in order to be able to precisely explain an issue, bearing in mind your target audience. Not every player has a vast technical knowledge, and you often have to approach a problem from many different mindsets. Customers also play games via an entire range of products, from cell phones, to tablets to high-end gaming PCs. Customer Support Agents therefore need to keep up to date with a knowledge of these devices, and know how to solve an issue accordingly.

It is no secret that working with angry or disappointed customers comes with the territory of CS. What is important here is being able to take ownership of a case, and focus on understanding and sympathizing with the customer, and work to exceed their expectations in resolving their issue. This leaves both the customer and the Customer Support Agent feeling satisfied, and ends up creating good word of mouth. We have often seen cases where players request help from specific members of staff, as they had previous good experiences with them. This creates a positive, loyal relationship with the customer.


Feedback from our Customer Support Agents

´The main thing I like most about CS is actually helping people enjoy their game – the most precious moments are if you can find a solution to a difficult problem and you can feel a little bit like Dr. House, finally solving the case.´ Jonas, German Customer Support Agent

´This job has given me some great experience. I work with an amazing team and I have learned a lot about Customer Support.´ Claire, French Customer Support Agent


´The best thing about working in customer support is having the chance to work hand in hand with wonderful people who are always ready to help each other – and the players, of course!´ Beatriz, Spanish Customer Support Agent


‘The best part of Customer Support for me is looking at an issue, thinking if I encountered it before, how I solved it, and what can I do this time to improve on it. Basically what I like is how I gain more knowledge over time.’ Andrew, English Customer Support Agent