About us

Who are we?

MoGi Group is a leading game localization, game customer support and gaming services company with offices in Ireland, Belgium, Germany and Greece. We offer a comprehensive range of services to take thorough care of your game from conception to release, and beyond. Our far-reaching gaming services include:

The MoGi Promise:

When MoGi Group localize your video game or manage your game customer support, you get far more than a standard service.

Driven by a passion for gaming, our teams of experts will get to know you, your game, the characters, intricacies and every single nook and cranny that exists in your digital universe.

Likewise, our dedicated customer support agents will ensure that your community will enjoy playing, discussing and interacting with your game as much as you do.

With native speakers in over 40 different languages, MoGi Group can take the localization and support of your game to the next level.

The MoGi Way:

Quality: Our quality comes from years of experience and a pure, unadulterated love of gaming. We know exactly what the best looks like, and won’t rest until your game fulfills its potential.

Flexibility: An ability to adapt to change, no matter how sudden, is key to our ethos. We are fully aware of the hurdles that crop up during the game development process – those days when even the best laid plans disappear out the window – and we pride ourselves on our adaptability and quick thinking.

Communication: Every service relies on great communication and our fantastic project managers, customer support agents and community managers will keep you up to date on anything and everything you need to know.

Proactive: We don’t just sit around, twiddling our thumbs (on a controller) all day long. Our experienced game localization teams, community managers and games testers have a wealth of knowledge to tap into for the best ideas and suggestions.

Reliable: Stuck with a seemingly impossible deadline? Facing catastrophe thanks to a last-minute hiccup? Don’t panic, let the reliable, calm heads at MoGi Group help weather the storm and get your project back on track.

Competitive: Any gamer worth their salt possesses that innate competitive spirit, and it is this desire for victory that means you won’t find services this good, for these exceptional prices, anywhere else!