Interview with a MoGi Localization Agent

Here at MoGi, one of our most important resources is our incredible team of professionally trained, native speaking localization agents. Each one as passionate about gaming as they are about language, they put long hours and mammoth work into helping bring a huge range of great games to wider markets globally: no deadline too tight, no game too big. This week, we decided to sit down with one of our localization agents, Marion Hernandez, and find out just what it’s like to work in video games localization. Enjoy…

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Translation vs Localization: More than words

If there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that we love what we do. Nothing makes our day like seeing a great, deserving game succeed and knowing that our skills and expertise in localization helped make that happen. We love what we do so much, in fact, that we often forget that not everybody knows what localization actually is and how it differs from translation. We thought now would be a good time to outline the basic differences and bring everyone up to speed! Continue reading

Indie Initiative – Football Chairman Pro


Great mobile games are the perfect way to brighten up a dull journey. The best game apps don’t so much help pass commuting time, as turn it into one of the highlights of the day.

One such game is the insanely-addictive Football Chairman from Underground Creative. It came to our attention as part of our indie initiative, and soon had our competitive juices flowing!


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Finding the Localization Keys for EARTHLOCK: Festival of Magic

If you’re a fan of enchanting, mysterious and magical RPGs, then no doubt you are already fully aware of EARTHLOCK: Festival of Magic. This awesome game landed in the MoGi localization inboxes last year and our various teams set about unlocking the linguistic doors to this mystical land (that’s the end of the door/key/lock metaphor, promise).

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Indie Initiative – Heavy Metal Machines

With screeching guitars, riotous crowds and bombastic action, Heavy Metal Machines is a thrash metal concert on wheels. With weapons. And noise. Lots of noise. It’s time to put your pedal to the metal and Slay(er) your enemies!

Read all about our time working on this awesome game below!

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