Telltale Games

‘When I first came to Telltale I was charged with attempting to find a localization company that could help bring our stories to a broader global market day and date with our English releases.  Given that we run on an incredibly tight schedule and that our scripts are changing up until the night of submission, finding a partner that could help with this was no easy task.  It wasn’t until a former colleague of mine recommended MOGI that I felt I might have the partner I needed.

 On speaking with Zoi Vitsentzou (Head of Global Operations) and Orad Elkayam (CEO) they assured me that they were up to the task and, much like me, wanted to form a lasting partnership.  We talked about ways we could work around our challenging development cycle (6 weeks turnaround) and our need for constant and even last minute changes to our scripts that are often difficult to handle given our geographic locations.  All while stressing the requirement to launch day and date with our English release with French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese (Simplified/Traditional) translations. Needless to say, while working together on titles such as Game of Thrones, Tales from the Borderlands, The Walking Dead: Michonne and most recently the upcoming Episode of Minecraft: Story Mode the MOGI team has never let me down.’

Jeff Edwards Localization Manager/Build Producer


“It has been a pleasure to work with a professional, efficient and friendly team like MoGi when handling challenging language pairs during the localization and QA of video games. No matter the target languages, work is always delivered on-time and always meets our own strict internal quality standards. While keeping high quality standards, MoGi charge a fair price and maintain constant two-way communications – meaning it’s much easier for us to manage our projects. Cheers to MoGi and looking forward to many more years of cooperation!”

Christophe Gonne
Youzu Logo


Youzu Interactive is proud to have MoGi as a localization partner, to deliver high quality content to our users.  The MoGi localization team is very professional, providing great translations, which are hassle free and on always on schedule

In addition, MoGi offer the most competitive prices in the industry, truly outstanding value for money.  Thank you very much for your fantastic work, and we look forward to many more future collaborations!”

Paolo Stanner Team Youzu

Kakao Games

‘As we’ve endeavoured to build a team of Game Masters that raises the bar for Customer Support in the industry, MoGi has been a crucial partner in helping us to achieve our goals and strive towards improvement in every interaction with our players. With their continued support and adaptability, we’ve seen a steady rise across every KPI in our service department.

A big thanks to the MoGi team for all their hard work and we look forward to working alongside them in the future.’

Gareth Weatherley Lead Games Master


“Forge of Empires is an open-end, free-2-play simulation game, available in 24 different languages. Since it started its success story in 2012, we have been relying on MoGI for all of our localizations. Our tasks are not always easy and feature tough deadlines at times, but we can always count on them to be delivered on time and in the highest quality possible. Not only does MoGI adapt to our tools and processes with ease, they also provide valuable input that helps us improve our localization workflow. One of the reasons we chose to go with MoGI is their dedication to gaming and their commitment to Forge of Empires in particular. They feel deeply connected to the game, understand its vibe and are able to deliver a consistent, immersive experience to the players in all of our languages. Thank you, MoGI, and keep on doing your great job!”

Peer Kröger Game Designer / Story Writer

Armor Games

‘Working with MoGi has been one of the most reassuring and hassle-free parts of the gamedev process. They provide high quality services with a ridiculously short turnaround time at a price that makes even the most stringent budget hawk happy. If you need translation and localization services for your project there is no one we would recommend over MoGi.’

Ryan Lowy Producer


‘Their localization services have been instrumental in expanding our brand to other markets and they also handle all aspects of customer service & community management, dealing with a lot of daily traffic across our channels. They have also been a passionate driving force behind a number of popular changes and improvements within the game. We would not have achieved our success were it not for their involvement and I look forward to working with MoGi for many years to come.’

Takeshi "Hari" Minagawa


‘We have been working with MoGi for over 5 titles that were published worldwide, including US, China, Korea, Taiwan, SEA and Japan. Their localization service is solid, reliable and fast. The localization project managers are some of the best we have ever worked with and make the communication smooth, easy and fun.’

Sherry Wu

‘We have worked with MoGi for a number of years. They handle projects in a diligent and professional manner, always delivering high quality work while respecting challenging deadlines. The localization team has an intimate knowledge of online gaming and of their respective markets.’

Irina Burmistrova


‘Brilliant, thank you so much! It’s great to see the game running in all these languages for the first time 🙂

We’ve been so impressed with the work done, and the service and help you’ve given us. It’s been a pleasure working with you.’

Rich Cross

League of Geeks

‘Thanks again, we can see you must have been up very late getting everything for us and we really appreciate that!

The project has come together well in an impossibly short time frame. Thanks again MoGi!’

Blake Mizzi


‘Thank you for the massive effort and high quality!

We love MoGi! Seriously!’

Anne Krueger

Lilith Games

‘I am so happy that we have a partner like MoGi and look forward to more cooperation in the future!’

Cecilia Pan

TreeFortress Games

‘Wow, perfect! Amazing! Awesome! And any other words I can think of… great job!

Thanks MoGi!’

Shawn Blais

Tragnarion Studios

‘The high level of attention to detail is the reason why we keep coming back to MoGi for our localization needs!’

Omar Salleh

Digital Legends Entertainment

‘Thanks for everything. I’m sure we’ll contact you soon for more work.’

Jorge Gonzalez

Torn Banner Studios

‘Thanks so much you guys are awesome!’

Nina Bascos

RJ Games

‘It’s a great pleasure for me to work with your company.’

Anastasia Perina

Larian Studios

‘Thank you for all the work you’ve done!’

David Walgrave


‘It was a great pleasure for me to work with MoGi. I hope that we will have a possibility to work with each other again in the future.’

Kinga Zaluska


‘Thanks a lot for the successful start of our collaboration! To be continued…’

Natalia Siegmund

Budge Studios

‘Thanks a lot for the quick turnaround, it’s super appreciated.’

Julien Besner


‘It has been a real pleasure to work with MoGi! Thank you for your great work! Wishing you all the best and many great partnerships!’

Tatyana Garat

All in a Days Play

‘MoGi are fast, responsive and have very competitive prices. If you need localisation work done, I can wholeheartedly recommend them.’

Abhinav Sarangi

Landshark Games

‘MoGi have a great reputation in Europe and we are pleased to have chosen to work with them.’

Kim Taylor

Travian Games

‘The service and translation MoGi provided were to our full satisfaction. We will make sure to contact them again in the future.’

Norman Quast

Oasis Games

‘Thank you! You did a great job!’

Lily Wu

TREVA Entertainment

The translations are of good quality and we’d be happy to continue our relationship with future projects.

Patricia Grube

Crown Adam

Thank you for the fast turnaround and good work.

Arlette Pond


I was really satisfied with the quality of the work.’

Irene Donoso


I am pleased to say that we’re very happy with the quality of translation that MOGI has shown on a test assignment.

Team17 Logo


Thank you so much for the fantastic work you did for us!

‘This is brilliant, thank you!! I didn’t expect them back so quick. I really appreciate the quick turnaround.’

Christie Hanson & Daniel Martin


Thank you for your support. We believe that MoGi was the best partner for our project.’



I really appreciated MoGi taking the time to work on the emergency updates that we required.’

Miguel Corti

European Games Group

The work that MoGi did for us was perfect.’

Elena Cova


Thank you for the excellent French translation!

Alice Timnat


‘It was really a pleasure working with you these past several months to make the localization of this project successful. Thank you for all your hard work and the always prompt response, in spite of many last minute changes and requests. We all appreciate all the energy and kindness you put into this project.’

Trip Wire logo

Tripwire Interactive

‘I cannot explain how pleased I am with the quality of the files. Thank you for making my life so much easier!’

Mark Muraski
Riot Games Logo

Riot Games

‘The translation was top quality and we found the delivery of those complementary documents a great practice. We are pretty confident project management would run very smoothly and efficiently the moment we’d start working with you guys.’

Three Phase Interactive Logo

Three Phase Interactive

‘We haven’t found any issues with the translations. Well done!’

Paul Baker
Dreadbit Logo


‘Thank you! As always, great work. :)’

David Leaver
Mega Dwarf

Mega Dwarf

‘You’ve done a wonderful job with the translations. It feels great to have our game fully playable in so many languages, we’re very happy. It’s always an absolute pleasure to work with MoGi, and we can’t wait to have the opportunity to work together more in the future!’

Daniel Batoff
eRepublik Labs

eRepublik Labs

‘Just wanted to take a moment to thank MoGi for the good work you put in for us in the last few weeks.

Starting today, World at War is featured on #1 slot in Google play in several markets like Germany, Russia, Spain, France, Turkey, MENA. We wouldn’t be able to make it without your support and dedication, so you have our full appreciation and big thanks again!’

Lucian Munteanu

Complex Games

‘Thanks very much for being so responsive and fantastic to work with!’

Tyson McCann

Studio 100

‘Studio 100 is a global family entertainment company with a 360 degree approach that contains “Life Action, Music, Animation, Movies, TV Distribution, Live Entertainment, Theme Parks, Merchandising and Digital Publishing“. We have been working together with the Mogi Group for several years now on various projects for localization and marketing. They have proven to be more than just a reliable partner, as it constantly amazes us at how passionately they aim for great service. Their response time constantly tends to zero, their work is of highest quality, the collaboration is always forthcoming and they are able to provide us with a wealth of experience. I fully recommend working with them!’

Klaus Ullrich Head of Games


‘Our company is developing, publishing and servicing mobile games worldwide, and high quality localization is one of our top priorities. We have been working with MOGI for well over a year now, and they helped us localize our games into 12 languages. The dynamic specifics of mobile industry often require fast action and very urgent last minute translations for updates. MOGI has been outstanding with timelines, and in spite of at times extremely short deadlines, always provides translations of highest quality. We have never received any complaints with regard to quality of localization from any of our players, which tells you a lot considering that Hero Sky itself has over four million downloads. The team at MOGI is highly professional and working with them is a pleasure. We are extremely happy with MOGI’s services and hope to keep working with them in the future.’

Adela Borowiak Localization and Marketing Team