Retro Games Corner: GoldenEye 007 turns 20

Original release date: 25th August 1997

There comes a time in every gamer’s life when they realise that their favourite game – a game they’ll swear feels like they played just yesterday – has, completely unknown to them, grown older. It happens, like most things, gradually. It creeps up on you, you turn your attention to another game, you get a new console, you forget about the old faithful, and suddenly the graphics you once thought were so amazing now look blocky and outdated. It happens to even the best games. Games like GoldenEye 007. Continue reading

Desert Island Games – Serdar

Desert Island Games

We’ve got our rowboat and our oars out and we’re all ready to cast another (un)lucky MoGi team member out to sea for Desert Island Games. Our castaway this week is Player Support Agent, Serdar.

How will he survive? Does he need a second controller in case there’s some clever monkies on the island? What’s the WiFi like? How will he plug in his consoles? But most importantly, what games did he choose? Let’s find out.

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Indie Initiative – Pinstripe

MoGi’s localization initiative for indie developers has seen some extremely cool games appear on our radar, and few are the result of as much an intense labor of love as Pinstripe.

Looking at the breath-taking beauty of this atmospheric game, it’s hard to imagine that it’s the work of just one man. Yet Pinstripe – 5 years in the making – is exactly that.

We could talk for pages and pages about the stunning artwork and graphics that have gone into this game. But a picture paints a thousand words, so check out the Pinstripe trailer here and see for yourself.


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Desert Island Games – Silvia

Desert Island Games

This week, it’s the turn of Player Support Agent Silvia to sail away (sail away, sail away) to our secret Desert Island with nothing but her five favorite games for company. So, what titles made the cut? Read on to find out! Continue reading

MoGi’s Games to Play for 2017

2017 looks set to be another awesome year for our industry. We’ve been chatting with a few members of the MoGi team to find out what releases have got their hearts racing, tongues wagging and thumbs twiddling in anticipation!

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