Gaming Services

Expert Gaming Services from MoGi Group


Our award-winning gaming services cater for every stage of your game. We provide a comprehensive range of vital services including, but by no means limited to, the following:

  • Localization for all types of games (video, computer, online, mobile, MMO, MOBA, etc. etc.)
  • Game community management and customer support
  • Thorough game testing
  • Professional game voice-over services
  • Experienced age-rating consultancy services to ensure your game complies with the many and varied laws throughout the world

Whatever your gaming needs, you can rest assured that MoGi Group will find the perfect solution. We won’t rest until every facet of your game is in perfect working order. Then, after the launch, our community management and customer support teams will ensure your players love the game every bit as much as you do.

Take a closer look at our gaming services to see how MoGi Group can help you, and your game, go global today!