Game Art Design Services

With the focus on quality, high definition, and aesthetic coming more and more into the fore in the video game industry over the last decade, it’s never been a more important time for developers to be at the very top of their game when it comes to a title’s artwork. Art and concept design is where the feeling and personality of a game really start to take shape. It can show publishers, stakeholders, and even your audience just what your vision is and brings the game to life in the imagination of the viewer. With it playing such an important role, it’s best not to leave anything to chance!


Our art and design services are designed to encompass every part of the games development process, from pre-production concept design and sketching right through to promotional and marketing imagery post-release. At MoGi Group, we’re driven by our passion for gaming and our understanding of how great games should sound, feel, and look. That’s why our design teams are made up of only the most talented and driven artists around (not only skilled designers, but avid gamers themselves!). Our teams work closely with developers to get a deep understanding of just how they want their games to look and feel so that they can truly make your dreams a reality.


Our art and design packages can be tailored to fit any genre or style of game. Not only that, our mission to provide the most comprehensive video game services around for our partners, coupled with our understanding of the industry and just what makes a great game look even better, gives us the unique ability to operate in a wide range of key video game art and design areas, including:

Concept design                    Character design                 UI design

Sketching                              Shading and texture            Pre-production imagery

Promotional images           Marketing assets                  Storyboard art

3D modelling                        3D visualisation                   2D animation

3D animation                        Environment design            Background design

Weapons and items             Motion graphics                   Map design


We know that for many up-and-coming or even established developers, art design can be a laborious, needlessly technical, and extremely costly process that can sometimes distract from the task of actually creating the game itself! Our art and design packages are created to give developers that helping hand they need in creating top-quality 2D and 3D art in a timely fashion that fits their budget, leaving them to focus on bringing their creations to life.


For more information about our scalable 2D or 3D art and concept design services, contact our experts at MoGi Group.