Game Localization Testing

Localization testing is designed to ensure that the localized version of your game is as flawless as the source-language version of the product, and that the feel of the game is as if it has been developed in the language of the target market. Regardless of how good the translation you implement is, there should always be a testing process before releasing the localized version to verify that the text that was translated without detailed context and in a different format is also correct once it has been implemented. Key factors that need to be tested are:

  • That the localized versions are properly translated. Due to the fact that written and spoken text only conveys the content of a game in the context of other elements like graphics, animation, the overall storyline, and other text elements, it is necessary to ensure that the translation gives the player the correct instructions, sets the right mood and keeps the storyline consistent.
  • That character voices are in sync with game sequences and subtitles. Some languages use more words than others to convey the same message, and with a medium as creative as games there is a lot of room for variation. Therefore, it can happen that voice-over files are too long, out of sync or don’t match the subtitles that are displayed.
  • All text is fully readable and can be understood easily. Similar to the challenges that arise with localized voice-over, written text has different requirements in different languages. Special characters need to be implemented, text shortened, acronyms adapted and, depending on the platform, the text has to be adapted to the requirements resulting from different screen sizes and resolutions.
  • The localized version is culturally adequate. Sometimes the graphics, content or text of a game need to be adapted to be suitable for a regional target market and to comply with age rating requirements and local law.

Localization compliance testing ensures that your title complies with the requirements of different platform holders and manufacturers regarding terminology, the content of the messages displayed and the format. While there are some areas that are similar to functional compliance testing, the focus here is more on the language aspect and less on the functionality of the game.

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