MMO Localizations

Ever since Massively Muiltiplayer Online (MMO) games became available for PCs and game consoles, their popularity, variety and expansion possibilities seem limitless. MoGi Group can assist you with the localization of your MMO game in order to connect to audiences worldwide.

Our Approach to MMO Localization

MoGi Group’s strength lies in the ability to offer constant support for large scale projects by employing experienced project managers who are constantly improving and reviewing our localization process. In addition, MoGi Group’s solution offers in-house reviewers and engineers to assist in file preparation, content review, terminology creation and validation. Full localization related checks are performed before final client delivery even within the tightest deadlines.

MoGi Group’s specialized MMO team provides localization, QA testing, and audio services in every language combination and for every genre of game. Using our global network of over 300 specialist translators, editors, testers and voice-over talents, we ensure a first-class and fast localization process for large volumes.

In order to guarantee high-quality localization at all times, MoGi Group has created a unique method to run the localization, proofreading and QA processes simultaneously. This enables us to both cope with big quantities in the shortest possible time, and deliver an updated pre-final version even before finishing the whole project.

Our MMO Localization Services Include:

  • A dedicated and experienced Project Management Team
  • Account Management
  • File preparation assistance if needed
  • Localization testing specializing in MMO’s (by native speakers only!)
  • Proofreading by a native speaker
  • Quality Assurance (QA) during our localization services includes;
    • Semi-automatic terminology verification
    • Live consistency checks
    • Live terminology validation
    • Creation and validation of initial terminology
    • Live terminology team to update all changes during the project
    • Live character length checks
    • Ensuring there are no missing translations
    • Glossary validation
    • Final content QA
  • Delivery in same format
  • Post-delivery support

Are you looking for a start-to-finish approach to localize your MMO game? MoGi Group offers a full solution and professional resources. The combination of our specialist MMO team and state of the art localization tools and processes allows us to produce large volumes of high-quality results in the shortest possible time.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to connect your MMO to the world.