Mobile Games Localization

Mobile Games Localization

The difference between mobile games and games for most other platforms is both an important one, and one that has a significant impact on game localization.  Games designed for computers and consoles rely heavily on high quality graphics and expansive maps whereas mobile games are much smaller and don’t have the luxury of stunning visual elements. This means that the quality of the gameplay itself has to be very high in order to maintain player interest. Therefore, close attention to all elements of game localization is required in order to ensure that they benefit the functionality and enjoyment of the game in the best way possible.

Video Game Translation for Mobile Games

It’s important to understand that the language contained within mobile games is vastly different to that of other games. Given the particular characteristics of mobile games –  screen dimensions, short periods of playing time etc – the language has to meet certain style specifications. We ensure that your translation meets all character restrictions in order to avoid possible GUI issues after implementation and the subsequent costs invested in fixing these issues.

Avoiding such issues is imperative, as the mobile gaming market is one of the fastest-paced markets in the industry, with dozens of new games published every day. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a rapid production time, and this includes the localization phase. We ensure that all languages are translated simultaneously, providing consistency and allowing you to hit every market at the same time, maximizing your impact. We provide:

  • Services tailored to your deadlines
  • Localization by native speakers only
  • Proofreading and QA including character restrictions
  • Coordination by experienced project managers
  • Post-delivery support

Specializing in all kinds of video game translation, we appreciate the difference between, for example, MMORPG localization and mobile game localization. Our translation services are specifically tailored to the format of mobile games, allowing you to achieve a tone and style that reflects the content of the game – concise, fun and lighthearted. We make sure that your translation meets all technical specifications and character restrictions of mobile games, meaning that it will be displayed properly on the appropriate mobile devices. Should there be any further need to shorten the strings, then we will perform this free of charge, allowing you to meet the demands of your markets.

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