Online Gaming Localization

The online gambling and gaming industry is one of the fastest growing online services.  Every day, more gamers from all over the world join this thriving community. That is why, now more than ever, it’s of crucial importance to provide translation and localization services for the online gambling and gaming industry. MoGi Group has the knowledge and people to supply your company with up-to-date translation and localization services to improve communication with your clients worldwide.

Localization and Translation – Now More Than Ever

Apart from the growing global audience and the opportunity to increase your target audience, there are several other underlying reasons to provide a multilingual website for your online gambling and gaming services. MoGi Group can get your online gaming or gambling company even more ´in the game´ because we’re aware of the local tendencies and subtle shifts in the market.

When the US Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 was passed at the very last moment (as part of the SAFE Port Act) the American gaming market diminished remarkably. In combination with the recent financial crisis, the gambling and gaming industry went looking for crisis-proof solutions to obtain long-lasting and, especially, profitable new opportunities. These were found in non-English markets. In short: having your website translated and localized is your gateway to an enlarged gaming and gambling audience, and that’s where MoGi Group comes in!

International Translation Experts Make for a Localized Web Text

MoGi Group is specialized in localizing and translating gambling and gaming websites and software applications. MoGi Group uses the latest technologies and resources to provide the highest quality translation services for your products. After all, a good quality translation isn’t just a sequence of translated words, especially for content as specific as that within the gaming and gambling industry. The localization of your website is very important.

That’s why MoGi Group only uses international experts to translate and localize your gaming and gambling website. They’re specialists when it comes to gaming or gambling specific terminology or phrases and will therefore deliver a fully adapted version of the web text. Adapted not only to the target audience, but also to local context, style, slang and vocabulary. Our translators have access to the latest reference material and guidelines, following the most recent adaptations in the gaming and gambling industry.

So if you want your gaming and gambling website to appeal to the international market and attract more non-English speaking gamers, MoGi Group can assist you in striking the right tone with your international audience. In a consistent, correct and accurate way, we will make sure your gaming and gambling website is translated and adapted to local standards.

To play it safe, play it right with MoGi Group.