Video Games Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing and cybersecurity services are all about creating a safer environment for developers, publishers and gamers alike. A lack of strong, dependable security measures can leave developers and publishers vulnerable to attacks which may lead to large-scale revenue and player loss, two aspects that can be very difficult to recover from. Ensuring that you get only the best when it comes to cybersecurity services for your video games is about more than protecting your profits however, it’s also about protecting your reputation.


Our experienced teams of ethical hackers and cybersecurity professionals are experts in finding and reporting potential security risks and vulnerabilities in video games and applications of all kinds. With a special expertise in gaming, they know just what key areas to test and what to look for when it comes to pushing the boundaries of your games’ security. In addition, our teams can offer a unique pair-hacking service which has the added advantage of not only potentially halving testing time but creating a peer validated quality assurance loop yielding far more in-depth results.


Our penetration testing services focus on three main modules:

  • White Box Penetration Testing

White box is our most recommended form of penetration testing for all our partners and clients. In white box penetration testing, our testers will have full access to all source code and relevant documentation needed to ensure the highest quality test possible. This form of testing allows us to ensure every possible step has been taken to secure your games from malicious attacks.

  • Grey Box Penetration Testing

As one of the most popular types of penetration testing, grey box penetration testing requires only partial documentation concerning your game. This form of testing allows us to ensure your games’ safety while testing for hidden vulnerabilities that may be lurking somewhere in the code.

  • Black Box Penetration Testing

In our black box penetration module, our testers approach the test from the perspective of real-world hackers. With no information or source code provided to them, they carry out their search for vulnerabilities and potential breaches with completely fresh eyes. This module can often be the most shocking to developers when it comes to results!


With a number of new regulatory introductions having been made over the last few years, ensuring your games’ security compliance is absolutely vital to their continued success. One important example of this is the recently introduced European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a regulation that, if not complied with, can prevent games from being published inside the European Union. Comprehensive penetration and cybersecurity services are an important step in proving compliance measures have been implemented.


Our testing services allow you to focus on the most important things to you, like creating great games, while still having the peace of mind that your security is world-class and the best, fairest gaming experience is guaranteed to your valued players.


For more information about any of our penetration testing modules, or to find out how they can be best combined with any of our other services, contact our teams today!