Video Game Age Ratings

Video Game Age Rating Consultancy Services

At MoGi Group, we’ll advise you on which age rating your game is likely to receive in different countries around the world. Different regions have contrasting sensitivities, so gaming content that may be completely acceptable in one country could be considered offensive in another. We can advise you on ratings for all platforms, from console games age ratings through to online and mobile games age ratings.

In Australia, while themes such as sex and drugs will incur an age rating, they are generally seen as acceptable when marketed to an appropriate audience. However, if these themes incorporate incentives and rewards (eg. money, fame, happiness) then they are likely to receive an outright ban – likewise with sexualized violence. In Korea, drugs are less of a concern, but gambling is considered one of the major issues and will almost certainly be classified as suitable for over 18s only, if released at all. Meanwhile in Germany, violence will without a doubt be age restricted, while extreme violence and National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP) references will receive a complete ban. In the U.S.A., nudity is the faux pas of choice.

Even with just these four countries, the discrepancies across controversial content are rather diverse and the likelihood of a video game age rating being the same in each country is slim. Now take into consideration all of the possible countries that you’d like your game released in, and it soon becomes evident that particular age restrictions will prevent you from reaching your target market in certain regions. The higher the age rating imposed, the smaller your target audience becomes, reducing the potential for sales. At MoGi Group we’ll advise you on what gaming content may be problematic and eventually help you to reach your markets.

MoGi Group Guides You Through the Process of Video Game Age Rating

The games age rating process can often be a convoluted one, especially for first-time publishers releasing in a variety of countries. At MoGi Group, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about each country’s respective system for console, mobile and online games age rating and guide you through the process. This includes information on:

  • Registration
  • Content
  • Costs
  • Time
  • Materials

Find out what you need to do to register for the video game age rating process in each country, and receive advice on what content could receive a potential restriction or ban. Our experts will provide you with time estimations for the process as well as the tariffs for each country, allowing you to identify your deadlines and, crucially, prepare your budget. Finally, we’ll tell you exactly which documents and materials you need to prepare in order to be considered for a rating. Our services ensure that you go into the process prepared and avoid all potential delays and issues – if you need to adapt your content, then you’ll know about it before you begin the process.

How Do We Do It?

  • Experience – we have years of experience in games localization for a variety of countries around the world. This has given us a solid platform on which to build our knowledge about video game age ratings.
  • Resources – Our age rating consultancy services are informed by the respective rating boards of each country. Furthermore, we receive regular training, allowing us to keep up to date with changes in the industry.
  • Relevant expertise – Our age rating consultancy team is made up of members from all over the world, with an in-depth knowledge of the cultural sensitivities relevant to their native country.

Why MoGi Group?

At MoGi Group, we rate you number one. We recognize that each game is different and deserves to be treated as such – just like each client. Our services are designed to allow you to meet your deadlines and save time by anticipating any potential rating issues with your game, before it goes through the rating process. We work swiftly and our prices are competitive.

Contact us to get a free quote and find out how we can help you to reach your target market.