Video Game Age Rating – Brazil

The Brazilian Background

Video gaming has steadily grown as a past-time in Brazil. With an emerging economy, the country’s young professionals have begun taking advantage of the growing video games market in Latin America and the number of video game players in Brazil has been steadily increasing. Of further interest is the fact that a large number (27%) of Internet users communicate using Portuguese as their first language (and these are predominantly from Brazil.) But what does this mean for game developers? Essentially it means that if game developers want to take advantage of this increasing audience for online games, they need to be aware of Brazilian age restrictions with regards to gaming. The localization and translation teams at MoGi Group are aware of this emerging market and the importance of the Brazilian-Portuguese gaming sector.

Our CEO, Orad Elkayam, says: “The Brazilian games industry has been clearly identified as one with massive potential for growth

With the gaming sector becoming such a hot prospect for Brazilians, the issue of censorship and age ratings to protect younger audiences is becoming increasingly important.

In 1994, the North American video game industry agreed to follow guidelines set out by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), an independent body which has become the primary regulator for age rating in the USA. Because the documentation was left in English, the ESRB was deemed unsuitable for game age rating in Brazil, both culturally and linguistically, and it was decided that an alternative needed to be found.


Since 2002, video games in Brazil have been rated by the Department of Justice, Rating, Titles, and Qualification [Portuguese: Departamento de Justiça, Classificação, Títulos e Qualificação] (DEJUS).

DEJUS primarily analyzes the presence of sex, violence, and drugs in media, from television to video games, and categorize content into the six following classifications:


Classification Examples Contentious Content Attenuating elements
Livre para todos os públicos

Suitable for general audiences

FIFA Soccer 12,

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy,


Moderate or insinuated use of legal drugsViolence:
Fantasy violence
Display of arms with no violence
Deaths with no violence
Bones and skeletons with no violenceSexual/Nudity:
Non-erotic nudity
Scene composition



Sports, historical, artistic, cultural or scientific context

Ironic or comic/ludicrous context

Fantasy context



Positive Contents

Não recomendado para menores de 10 anos

Not recommended for viewers younger than 10 years of age

Dark Seal,


Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures,

Wizard Fire

Oral description of the use of legal drugs
Discussion on the issue of ‘drug trafficking’
Medicinal use of illegal drugsViolence:
Display of arms with violence
Bones and skeletons with signs of violent acts
Criminal acts without violence
Derogatory language

Educational contents about sex

Não recomendado para menores de 12 anos

Not recommended for viewers younger than 12 years of age

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D,

Iron Man,

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (Limited Edition)

Use of legal drugs
Inducing the use of legal drugs
Irregular use of medication
Mention of Illegal drugsViolence:
Violent acts
Bodily injury
Description of violence
Presence of blood
Victim’s grief
Natural or accidental death with violence
Violent acts against animals
Exposure to danger
Showing people in embarrassing or degrading situations
Verbal aggression
Sexual harassment
Overvaluation of physical beauty
Overvaluation of material consumption

Veiled nudity
Sexual innuendo
Sexual fondling
Foul language (sexual/graphic)
Language containing sexual content
Sexual stimulation
Sexual appeal

Não recomendado para menores de 14 anos

Not recommended for viewers younger than 14 years of age

Age of Empires III: The Warchiefs,

Street Fighter IV,

Terminator: Salvation

Insinuation of the use of illegal drugs
Verbal descriptions of the use of illegal drugs
Discussion on the decriminalization of illegal drugsViolence:
Intentional death

Sexual intercourse

Não recomendado para menores de 16 anos

Not recommended for viewers younger than 16 years of age

Dead or Alive 4,


The Sims 3

Production of trafficking of any illegal drug
Use of illegal drugs
Inducing the use of illegal drugsViolence:
Sexual exploitation
Sexual coercion
Gratuitous Violence/Banalization of violence
Abortion, Death Penality, Euthansia

Intense sexual intercourse

Scene Composition




Valorization of negative content


Unsuitable content with children or adolescents


Não recomendado para menores de 18 anos

Not recommended for viewers younger than 18 years of age


Gears of War,

Left 4 Dead

Inciting the use of illegal drugsViolence:
Violence of high impact
Glamorization/Incitement of violence
Hate crimes

Explicit sex
Complex/strong impact intercourse

What this demonstrates is that the presence of drug use is a particularly sensitive topic for the Brazilian market, perhaps more so than in other countries, with the depiction of illegal drug use being deemed inappropriate for audiences under 16 years of age. On the contrary, themes surrounding violence are slightly more relaxed than in other countries, with content as extreme as rape and torture classified as being suitable for 16 year olds. These cultural differences are something that game developers should keep in mind when localizing to the Brazilian market.

At MoGi Group, our history of localization projects for the Brazilian gaming market has provided us with detailed experience of the issues and intricacies of age rating in games for the Brazilian market. Our age rating consultancy team, localization experts and community managers can help ensure that you reach the right market, not only in Brazilian Portuguese, but across over 40 different languages. With a rigorous Quality Assurance policy, we can also ensure that you go to market with a game that meets the needs of your customers in a quickly changing field. Contact us today to get a free game localization quote and let us know how we can help you and your project achieve full potential.