Video Game Testing

MoGi Group offers a range of comprehensive testing services – our most popular testing services are outlined below for your convenience.

Few things in gaming are as important as the image of your game and your company. We understand that consumers expect the highest standards from your games, not just in terms of playability and enjoyment but also in terms of a properly localized, fully functional end product. This is why game testing plays such a crucial part in game development and publishing. We offer game testing over the following platforms in 40+ spoken languages:

  • Windows PC
  • Mac
  • PS Vita, PS4
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Wii U
  • Nintendo DS, 3DS
  • Mobile devices

There are several important factors to note about MoGi Group’s approach to game testing. Firstly, it is important to us that all our testing and Quality Assurance professionals are also keen gamers. We firmly believe that if your games are going to be tested properly then the testing needs to be done with the end user’s point of view in mind. When assigning team members to your game testing project, we always choose professionals from amongst our team with gaming and testing experience in the same genre of game as your game.

Another important factor in our approach to game testing is that our testing and QA department is entirely separate from our game localization department. The two departments are physically separated to ensure that if MoGi Group localizes your game, those same localization experts will not work on the localization testing of your title. We believe that the separation of these two processes is vital to ensuring a thorough and independent testing/QA process.

MoGi Group is committed to helping you maintain your brand image, avoid bad game reviews and meet the expectations of your end users. Please use the links above to read about our service offerings in the field of game testing.

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