Video Game Voice-Over Services

Voice-Overs for Every Video Game

You have a game. It looks awesome. The interface and instructions are crystal clear, whilst the playability will ensure your players will keep coming back for more, more and more. However, one vital ingredient is missing…the sound!

To ensure your game sounds as good as it looks, you need professional voice actors who are natives in your chosen languages. Imagine playing a game where the characters speak in broken, grammatically incorrect English, with frequently incomprehensible accents. You wouldn’t play for long, would you? Nor would anyone else, in any other language.

Fortunately, help is at hand. MoGi Group provides voice-over recordings in all European languages, as well as US English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Of course, no-one understands the required sound and tone for your game better than you do. Therefore, we will provide a range of samples for you to choose from before going ahead with the voice-over process.

Furthermore, and this really is something you don’t see everyday, you will be able to participate in the recording sessions, as they happen. This way, we can hear your feedback and input live as we record and make adjustments there and then, guaranteeing the most effective use of your time and money.

Our stable of voice-over talents includes actors, voice-artists, presenters, singers and English sound-a-likes.

Post Production Voice-Over Services

At MoGi Group, we don’t just simply provide voice-over recordings, then pack up and say goodbye. We also offer a comprehensive range of post-production services, including, but by no means limited to, the following:

  • Voice and sound effects
  • Creating complete soundtracks for in-game movies, video and animations through mixing voice, FX and music
  • Timing to picture to ensure everything matches
  • Dubbing new languages onto existing assets in the source language

So what are you waiting for? Contact MoGi Group today to take the audio of your game to the next level!