Helping to Build Forge of Empires

As you have no doubt heard, MoGi Group recently set up operations in Ireland, increasing the number of countries we now work in to five. Whilst our ambitions and future plans are maybe a touch shy of the global domination targeted by players of the online strategy epic, Forge of Empires, (maybe!) our time spent working on the translation and localization of this huge game has been exciting, challenging, and definitely worth talking about!


Forge of Empires, developed and published by InnoGames, is a browser-based strategy game. The premise is simple: start off with a small village and a handful of residents then, through a combination of investments, production and military power, expand your reach and conquer neighboring territories as your empire continues to grow. Players can also join forces with others in Guilds and compete in regular tournaments to earn extra prizes.

Each city begins in the ‘Stone Age’ and players must progress through to the ‘Tomorrow Era,’ upgrading their facilities and taking control of other provinces as they go. Today, well over 10 million players are testing their strategic nous on this extremely popular game.


With that many gamers, it’s no surprise to learn that translating Forge of Empires takes some doing. Fortunately, we love a challenge, so when, three years ago, we were tasked with providing localization services for 23 languages, there was only one answer – yes (said 23 different ways)

When tackling a project of this size, it takes a combination of CAT Tools and manpower to ensure a successful outcome. At MoGi Group, CAT Tools are only used to ensure consistency, never to translate. We exclusively work with native speakers to ensure the highest possible standards.

However, when a game has as many specific terminologies as Forge of Empires (just think of all those different provinces, tournaments, characters, buildings, products, weapons and so on) translation memory software can be invaluable.

Not only do they make the translations we do more efficient, they also ensure consistency throughout the entire process.

One of the main challenges that has faced the MoGi translation teams throughout our partnership with InnoGames for Forge of Empires has been getting the mythology right for the different countries in the different eras. A well-known character, song or rhyme from Russian folklore is never going to translate easily into Dutch. Finding the features required to hit the right tone is one of the most challenging and enjoyable aspects of the project.

Of course, some challenges cause panic, rather than excitement, and this project was no different. When machines fail, they often create more work than they are intended to save, and members of the MoGi teams found themselves, at times, transported back to the dark ages (and not the Forge of Empires kind) and working manually in order to meet the deadlines. We even ended up creating our own apps to help get the all-important content back into the right tools!
However, whatever the trials and tribulations endured, we are immensely proud of the work we have done so far with Forge of Empires and look forward to more of the same in the future!