How Do You Translate That?!

When it comes to translation, people sometimes think it is simply an A to B process. This is not always the case! All over the world, cultures have different ways of expressing themselves. Where you grow up can have a profound impact on the way that you view the world. With this in mind, we wanted to take a look at some words which only exist in one language,and pose a test to even the most talented translation experts.

Abbiocco – In Italy, this word is used to explain that drowsy feeling a person gets after a large meal
Saudade – This Portuguese word describes the pain you feel whilst longing for a person, place, time or thing that no longer exists. It can mean a longing for a specific thing in the past, and what might have been if the past situation still existed
Bushouhige – Japan gives us this fantastic word to express the kind of beard a person has because they’re too lazy to shave
Kummerspek – From German, we get a phrase which describes the weight a person gains from emotional overeating
Lagom – This means neither too little, nor too much, but just the right amount in Swedish
Weltschmerz – Another word from German! Weltschmerz is the pain that a person experiences when they feel that physical reality can never satisfy the ideals of the mind
Hygge – From Danish, this is the feeling of coziness one has while in a pleasant situation with friends or loved ones
Pelinti – From Ghana, this refers to moving hot food around in one’s mouth
Iktsuarpok – An Inuit word that means to go outside to check if anyone is coming
So there you have it. Just a taste of some of the very best words and phrases you can discover in the endlessly fascinating world of translation and localization. Hope you enjoyed it!