Team17 Scoops the TIGA Diversity Award

As you are no doubt aware, MoGi Group attended the TIGA Awards last week in London. It’s always a pleasure to be part of such a special event celebrating the great and good of the gaming industry. Whilst we ultimately didn’t win, to make the final shortlist in such a competitive field is an enormous achievement, and one we are extremely proud of.


One of the best things about TIGA Awards night is seeing our clients take home the big gongs. That’s why there was some extra-loud cheering at the MoGi table when the talented guys at Team17 took home the Diversity Award in collaboration with Tiger & Squid for their work with David Smith on their new game Beyond Eyes. Smith, who is the managing director of Interactive Selection, the only global games recruiter, was honoured for his non-profit organization Women in Games, which promotes more women in gaming.

Beyond eyes

Though our collaboration with Team17 is still in its relative infancy – we started working together in July this year – there is always a buzz of excitement when their messages land in our inbox, not least because of their canon of awesome games, including:

Sheltered: This post-apocalyptic disaster management game puts a terrifying twist on the phrase ‘nuclear family.’ The aim is simple – survival for you and your family – the means are far from straightforward. You will battle hunger, claustrophobia, mental and physical fatigue and radiation, not to mention your own conscience as you face a series of moral dilemmas.

Worms: Yes, THOSE worms. This era-defining game is still going strong and is still packed with all your favourites – Banana Bombs, Holy Hand Grenades and, of course, Super Sheep. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, well, we envy you. You are about to discover an all-time classic.

Beyond Eyes: A charming, beautiful game, Beyond Eyes stars Rae, a young girl who lost her eyesight in a tragic accident. Ordinarily, Rae avoids leaving her house as much as possible. However, she is left with no choice when her cat, Nani, goes missing. Your task is to guide Rae on her journey until the pair are reunited.

Strength of the Sword: Ultimate: A unique mix of the charming and the brutal, the attitude of this 3D fighter/brawler simply leaps off the screen. As the powerful and destructive War Golem, you will be pitted against multiple enemies and, naturally, intense Boss Battles! The release date is TBC so keep your eyes peeled!

The Escapists: The Walking Dead: Take the award-winning indie game The Escapists, mix it with the global phenomenon that is The Walking Dead and what do you get? This uniquely brilliant pixelated journey that matches the timeline of the famous comics.

All of the above games have MoGi’s game localization team’s fingerprints on them. So far, our work with Team17 has mainly involved localizing their games for French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian.

We provide localization services to our clients in over 40 different languages for every genre of game and work hard to overcome any challenges that we may face. These include extremely tight deadlines, working in short timeframes with rapid turnaround times and, as ever, battling against character limitations that care little for the intricacies of different languages.

However, the trials, tribulations, late nights and early mornings pale into insignificance when we see the final result and, especially, when we see our clients picking up awards!

So, once again, a huge congratulations to Team17 and we look forward to many more projects in the future!